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(Deutsch) Lange Nacht der Wirtschaft im LDS am 23. Juni 2017
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SCHULZENDORFER ELEKTRO GMBH is a German company with a long tradition in electrical engineering. Founded in 1958 by the merger of two small enterprises, it has been developed into a medium-sized enterprise with a fine reputation. Equipped with advanced technology for the construction of switching gear, an innovative project planning department, and modern offices, the impressive company headquarters are conveniently located close to the orbital motorway to the south of Berlin.


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Apprenticeship positions for 2015

Schulzendorfer Elektro GmbH, as a medium-sized company in the region Berlin-Brandenburg, feels responsible to fulfill its social task as an educating company with jobs for a guaranteed future. In addition to this we offer a perspective in a company with a deep tradition.67 of our 105 employees have started and completed their formation within our company and staid with us afterwards. With a ratio of apprentices to permanentstaff of more than 17% or 16 trainees we could beat the average of our sector.


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