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Electrician for energy and building technology

Imagine: A new office building. The sun’s rays touch the surface of the windows – and suddenly the sun-blinds shut automatically , the photovoltaic system converts the sun’s rays into electricity, the energy expenditure has been reduced. But not as if by magic – this can be done via super intelligent technology – installed by yourself! These and more will be your tasks here. Enormously appealing, enormously versatile. You will learn to create energy supply and building services engineering. You will learn to install different kinds of devices that regulate, control and make the energy supply of a building possible in the end. Moreover you will get to know an energized mixture of decentralized energy supply facilities and other facilities. Moreover you are going to master the communication systems for reception and broad band as well as data networks.
You will work in private buildings, office buildings and many more, as no building works without energy!

Elektrician for information and telecommunication technology

Your would love to know more about Bits and Bytes, digital technology and modern connections – let it be e-mail or internet? Then you are the person we are looking for! In a world of modern communication where progress is going fast and everything (at least almost everything) needs to be possible, car telephones, mobile connections to computer and much more, the elektrician for information and telecommunication technology is inevitable! Telephone facilties of different sizes (4 to 2000 substations), high speed data networks as well as security systems – you take care of connections in all perspectives!
You will learn the installation and commissioning of: telecommunicazion systems, data network aswell as security technology. Moreover you will master the corresponding maintenance and service tasks. And the installation, configuration and the parameterization of Software. Last but not least you will be able to create data transfer and data processing facilities and you will test IT- systems!
You will work in small companies as well as in big corporations! Modern communication and security technology is nowadays used everywhere!


We frequently inform pupil and parents at different events about us. Interested pupil are very welcome to get to know us during an internship.
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