Installation of switchgear / controlgear

We create for our clients:

schaltanlage mit Steuertableau Controlling tableaus

Cabinets for  commander and status signal devices.
Eloxed aluminium surface  with engraving for commander and signal devices

Mosaic tableau control panel

schaltanlage_02 Control cabinet

Controlling and automatic control systems with contactors and/or  with SPS, controller for heating systems, ventilation, air-conditioning  and metrology

schaltanlage_03 Insulation Distribution Board
Up to 1000 A in modular system according to the clients needs
Vattenfall main distribution board and  converter metering
schaltanlage_04 Energy Distributor
Steel sheet standing and wall distribution boards in the protection classes 1 und 2  up to 1250 A to accommodate switch- and control gear and cutouts
schaltanlage_05 Fibreglas- Polyester- Distribution Board
As distribution boxes suitable for the exterior for NH-outs, lighting and EVU-metering
schaltanlage_06 Highcurrent- Energy  – Distribution Board
Distribution of energy for currents up to 5000 A with factory acceptance test cable distributor.
schaltanlage_07 Continious Current  – Distribution Board
Steel sheet-distribution board to toggle and distribute continious currents up to 5000 A